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Instal Itunes di Windows…

Siapa yang tidak tau tentang i tunes, software buatan apple ini merupakan muliti media player yang sangat populer. Dulu hanya mereka yang memiliki OS mac saja yang bisa menikmati itunes. Namu sekarang Software buatan Apple Inc. ini kini hadir dengan versi terbarunya yaitu iTunes 9.0 Software ini bisa di install di sitem operasi Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows XP, dan Microsoft Windows Vista. Teknologi Genius meliputi pembuatan Playlist yang lebih mudah, sidebar dengan informasi lagu-lagu terbaru lengkap dengan harganya dari iTunes store, Grid View yang dapat menampilkan lagu dalam library lengkap dengan cover-nya, visualizer dengan animasi-animasi 3D terbaru yang tentu lebih menarik, dan masih banyak lagi. Di versi 8 ini, iTunes juga meningkatkan fungsi player untuk menampilkan video-video berformat HD yang bisa dibeli dari iTuners Store. 😆

iTunes, the award-winning digital-jukebox software, is now available for Mac and Windows. The iTunes Music Store offers Windows users the same online music store as Mac users, with the same music catalog, the same personal-use rights, and the same 99-cents-per-song pricing. With music from all five major music companies and more than 600 independent labels, the iTunes Music Store catalog now offers more than 1,000,000 songs.

Features include a free download with no hidden charges for extra features, MP3 and pristine-quality AAC-encoding from audio CDs, smart playlists, more than 250 free Internet radio stations, and the ability to burn custom playlists to CDs and MP3 CDs, to burn content to DVDs to back up an entire music collection, and to share music via Rendezvous over any network, cross-platform.

Other features include iMix, which lets you post and e-mail songs in your playlists for everyone to see, and you can rate iMixes from other music lovers and discover new music; Party Shuffle, with which you can add, delete, and rearrange songs on the fly; Apple Lossless, which lets you import music from CDs and achieve sound quality indistinguishable from the original, at about half the original file size–it plays in iTunes and on iPods, five computers can play protected songs, and identical playlists containing protected songs can be burned up to seven times; and the ability to get music and audiobooks related to a movie, to see a music video and get the track, to download a free song, to preview in Playlists and in Quick Links, to save store previews to purchase later, to find more music via Quick Links in your library, to automatically convert WMA files to AAC, to convert the music you saved in Windows Media Player (unprotected WMA files) to AAC format, to print CD inserts for your album or mix disc using designer templates for both color and black-and-white printers, and to find out what´s playing on more than 1,000 radio stations around the U.S.

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