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Download Gratis OS Ubuntu Remix Untuk Netbook

https://i1.wp.com/4.bp.blogspot.com/_Xie1ydrCav4/Sr3_wP-wG5I/AAAAAAAAA_U/IyDCWgjp9xI/s400/preview-1.pngApakah anda berencana membeli netbook? apakah anda adalah pemilik netbook? untuk notebook notebook kecil atau netbook akan membutuhkan OS yang lebih ringan dan kecil dari pada komputer decktop. Ubuntu Remix di disain khusus untuk anda yang menginginkan OS yang gratis dan berkualitas setaraf ubuntu. Klik DOWNLOAD dibagian bawwah untuk mendownload.

Ubuntu is an open source operating systems. This is the best alternative for those who don’t want to buy the expensive commercial OS. This OS developed by Ubuntu Community and distributed for free. They recently release the Ubuntu 9.10 version for desktop / laptop. Along with the release of the Ubuntu 9.10, they also released the Ubuntu Netbook Remix which is specialized for netbook. The latest version offers the best open source applications such as office, photos, games, internet, music and video and etc. And also you will get free 2GB online storage to save and share files to your friends. Find what applications you need with software center to access tons of free open source freeware applications. You can get Ubuntu 9.10 free download (no charges, no license), use it and share it to your friends or families for free.

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