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Download Ubuntu 9.10 Untuk Laptop Dan Komputer Desktop

https://i0.wp.com/1.bp.blogspot.com/_kzYRFxk8_bE/SYr3EMeAwZI/AAAAAAAAALQ/ujtfuScoghQ/s400/ubuntu_logo_hd_wallpaper.jpgBayangkan seandainya semua orang di indonesia ini menggunakan software asli resmi dari mikrosoft, berapa jumlah uang orang indonesia yang akan keluar dari negara kita dan masuk ke negara amerika. Bila hal seperti ini di biarkan terus menerus, maka perekonomian negara kita semakin lama tidak semakin baik namun akan semakin menurun, Lalu bagaimanakah solusinya, sudah saatnya kita beralih ke Open source atau software gratisan. Ubuntu merupakan salah satu yang paling populer dari semua variant ;linux. Download Linux Ubuntu 9.10 sekarang juga dan isnsal di komputer atau laptop anda, Selamat menukmati.

As you can probably tell, the largest change from the previous version is a new design and layout. This is thanks to the awesome work of the design team. In addition to the new UI, there has been a fair amount of work in the architecture of the various UNR components. Apart from the users ( 🙂 ), the largest beneficiaries of this are the launcher and window-picker-applet.

The work has been done by Michael Frey and his team in the OEM services group in Canonical. I think this is cool because I’ve seen a bunch of pictures and videos of Android running as the OS on a netbook, but it’s the first time I’ve Android mixing with other apps on a Linux desktop. It means you can get the best of both worlds.

The launcher has been updated to use the latest version of Clutter, and benefits from the performance improvements that the Clutter 1.0 release carries. In addition to that, the launcher now has a framework for plugins, which allow extending the home screen and adding new categories on the left (and example is the Files & Folders category). There’s not too much documentation at the moment, but I’ll follow this post up in the coming weeks with some examples.

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