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GFI WebMonitor 2009 – BETA 1 (build 20090206)

GFI WebMonitor 2009 BETA 1 (build 20090206) has been released and is available for download.

New Features in GFI WebMonitor 2009:

  • MSN control: Monitor and block MSN & Windows Live Messenger (Version 2008 & 2009) incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Top Bandwidth Consumption by Category page: The user can view the bandwidth consumed by each URL category. Clicking on a category will filter out all browsed sites falling under that category as well as the users who accessed those sites.
  • Top Policy Breakers: GFI WebMonitor will now report details on all users who were stopped by GFI WebMonitor from breaching company policies.  Such breaches may include browsing restricted sites, downloading of malware infected files or filetypes that are blocked through download control policies.
  • WebGrade Online lookups: Due to the constantly changing nature of the web, GFI WebMonitor now also queries GFI servers for categorization of URLs that are not found in the local cached database.
  • WebGrade database coverage: The WebGrade database has been drastically improved to increase URL coverage across multiple languages. The DB size has increased from 10 million to 120 million TLDs (Top Level Domains).

Changes within this release include:

  • UPDATE: Improved performance when uploading Reporting Databases to SQL server.
  • UPDATE: Improved ability to handle a larger number of simultaneous requests.
  • UPDATE: Optimization of the Reporting Database.

Known Issues

  • When blocking MSN chats, url might appear empty in history pages and filetype might be listed incorrectly in the activity log.
  • In order for advanced webfiltering rules to work, the order of categories listed must be exactly as returned by the Webgrade database.
  • It is not recommended that upgrades be carried out on production servers with this beta build, due to known issues with upgrades over GFI WebMonitor 4:
    • Upgrade from version 4 is supported only from same application folder. If WebMonitor 4 was previously uninstalled from a different path, upon installing WebMonitor 2009 Beta build, the WebMonitor service needs to be restarted after the upgrade.
    • Following an upgrade, users must click on “Save Settings” button in order for the WebFiltering rules to work.

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